Completed projects

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Bio2Fuels 2030

Read more about our research project Bio2Fuels 2030 in Swedish below. The research project is funded by EU regional development fund. 

Complex Materials

The heart of research in complex materials group is in unfolding nature’s beautiful trick as a complex system, and in deploying it to redefine our current material design practices.  

Fibre Network Design: Applications to Hygiene Products

In this project we consider fibre network as a micro-mechanical and microfluidics system, and investigate the non-uniform deformation of fibre network and the transport of complex fluids (body fluids) within the network. Such a problem is currently the core issues related to the new product development of hygiene products.

FSCN laboratories


At Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall there are currently several research projects on fibre and energy. We see great potential for the future in the production and process know-how of the forest industry. Coating is a promising method to develop efficient systems for energy storage in paper-based supercapacitors.

Light-weight Structural Composites from Fibre-based Materials

The project Light-weight Structural Composites from Fibre-based Materials - Reliability-based Design, is a project within the KK Research Enviroment at Mid Sweden University.


Our research project Lignofuel is a pre study funded by EU regional development fund. Read more about the project in Swedish below. 

Miljöhorisont 2020

We present our research project Miljöhorisont in Swedish below.


Modifying the Wood Chipping Process

Increasing the energy efficiency in mechanical pulping by modifying the wood chipping process is the goal for this project.

Oxcis - Operation and change of complex industrial systems

This is an AVANS project in our research environment Transformative Technologies The goal is to develop an education program on advanced level and to start collaboration with research centres and academia disciplines that are outside of Transformative Technologies today. They can strengthen the Mid Sweden University´s efforts to fulfil the TIE Vision.

FSCN laboratories

Paper Solar Cells

This project is a part of our KK Research Environment at Mid Sweden University. Low cost solar cells are needed. Manufacturing processes of today are mainly based on costly vacuum methods making the solar electricity to the most expensive one. Roll-to-roll processing is potentially more efficient as manufacturing method for solar cells. 

Mechanics of Decubitus Ulcers in Human Skin

This project is aiming at developing mechanistic understanding of how skin cells physically interact with each other and with environment, and how the skin breakdown proceeds under special conditions.

Smart street lights

This research project is a prestudy funded by EU regional development Fund. Read more about the project in Swedish below.

Utveckling av industriellt gångbar tillverkningsmetod för tungmetallsbindande tensider

Our pre study "Utveckling av industriellt gångbar tillverkningsmetod för tungmetallsbindande tensider" is financed by EU regional development Fund. Read more about the research project in Swedish below. 


Examining the wood chipping process

The Wood and Fibre Mechanics research group is examining the wood chipping process and the possibility of tailoring this process to reduce energy consumption during subsequent refining.